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Computer Problems Help Assistance

Computer malware, pc virus..computer just running a bit too slowly ? Whatever your computer problems give us a call or drop in for computer assistance. Computer service MOT while you wait with tuition thrown in to self help !!

Please call or email - 01409 241404

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#1. Run a couple of anti-malware adware spyware programs. SPYBOT / ADAWARE
#2. PC Computer Clean up - START | PROGRAMS | ACCESSORIES | SYSTEM TOOLS | Disk Cleanup

#4. MSCONFIG - START | RUN - Type " msconfig " | Turn off any unnecessary programs that start when the machine starts.

There are a few more tricks but not for the faint hearted so give us a shout or pop in.

Software manufacturers are notorious for starting programs when the machine starts rather than when the user clicks an icon. These program constantly run in the background eating memory and slowing the machine.

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Top 5 Reasons Slow Windows PC or Laptop Netbook Computer

Solutions answers to slow computer problems

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Computer Problems Help Assistance ?

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data recovery / backup

We are able to recover computer data from most magnetic media and hard disk drives even if partitions have become lost, corrupt or damaged. If your hard disk drive is on its last legs we are able to duplicate an exact copy of your drive onto a new one. We offer these services at a basic level and use NON-destructive means to recover data. SCSi, SATA arrays are a litte harder but still possible.

If your data is absolutely vital / critical we would suggest you approach a proper data-recovery company, this process is very expensive but they guarantee recovery from non-functioning media or hard drives.